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Suppressing rage

Deep breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Genuinely feeling despair when it comes to living with such a selfish, stupid prick.

So I go to work, away all day and our internet runs out. 15GB gone in a day. Now my housemate/cousin has been off sick today, diddums, with his new surface. Clearly the prick has been watching his netflicks and using up all the data. Not impressed. Now I can’t do any of my work from home and have to go chav it from family.

Fucked off beyond belief with the ignorance of this pleb. It’s constant. I’m fed up of it. How can one human individual be so oblivious to reality! Even when I remind him about the download limit and how we are not allowed to watch videos or download apps at home!

Fuck my life.

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